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Product Name:Nibeck Decorative Board (100% Non-Asbestos)
Product Introduction


Using fiber reinforced cement board as its base board, Nibeck Decorative Board has a variety of patterns similar to marble texture, wood-grain texture, aluminum texture and other special designs which can meet different aesthetical requirements.


Nibeck Decorative Board can perfectly take the place of traditional marble for its light weight and easy installation which will do a great job in cost saving.


It can be widely applied to internal decoration with UV surface treatment or external cladding and façade with Fluorocarbon surface treatment.


-Various patterns






-Beautiful and artistic


100% Non-Asbestos


-Up to Grade A1 In-combustibility




-Anti-fungus, insect


-Durable, Long Lifespan



UV surface treatment: for Internal Decoration;

Fluorocarbon surface treatment:for External Cladding or Facade.

Technical Data

Standard Specification: 1220*2440*5~20mm


Tolerance: Length/Width: ±3mm; Thickness: ±0.5mm; Diagonal difference: ≤4mm


Surface Pattern: Pure-color, Marble, Wood-grain, Metal-color;


Surface Treatment:  UV/Fluorocarbon treatment.


Density: 1400~1500kg/m3


Bending StrengthCross:15~22Mpa; Parallel:11~15Mpa


Moisture Movement: ≤ 0.20%


Water Absorption: ≤25%


Moisture Content: ≤ 10% (Under EMS condition)


Thermal Conductivity: ≤ 0.30w/ (m·k)


Non-combustibility: GB 8624-2006 Grade A1


Water impermeability: Traces of moisture appeared on the under surface of the sheet, but no formation of drops of water on the underside of the sheet after 24 hours.


Freeze-thaw: Not have cracking and layering after freeze-thaw cycles 25 times.


Excellent Characteristics: High Bending Strength, In-combustibility, Sound Insulation, Waterproof, Thermal Insulation, Shock Resistance, Durability, Long service life, etc.


Products Warranty: More than 20 years


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