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Product Name:Steel Structure Board (100% Non-Asbestos)
Product Introduction


Steel Structure Board is comprised of portland cement, high strength wire mesh, natural mineral reinforced cement through sophisticated manufacturing processes like pulping, forming and pressurizing under high temperature and high pressure so that high anti-impact strength, high bending strength and large bear loading capacity can be achieved.


Steel Structure Board is the perfect substitute for traditional reinforced concrete for its easy installation and lighter bear loading so that it is cost-efficient for both laboring and material, which is the perfect choice for flooring and Mezzanine


-100% Non-Asbestos


-Decrease bear loading of building




-Point limited bear loading can be up to 900kg/cm2 (thickness: 25mm)




-Up to Grade A1 In-combustibility


-Fire Resistant,


-Thermal insulation


-High Density


-Extremely High Bending Strength


-Good at Shock Resistant




-Anti-fungus, insect


-Low Water Absorption


-Durable, Long Lifespan



Market, shopping center, villa, LOFT business space, steel structure and wooden structure of building.


25-30mm thickness is used for Floor & Mezzanine.



Technical Data

Standard Specification: 1220*2440*25/30mm


Tolerance: Length/Width: ±3mm; Thickness: ±0.5mm;

Edge Squareness: ≤4mm/m Diagonal difference: ≤4mm


Surface: Un-Sanded


Edge: Square


Density: 1500~1700kg/m3


Bending Strength:  Cross:15~21Mpa; Parallel:13~16Mpa


Moisture Movement: ≤ 0.20%


Water Absorption: ≤25%


Moisture Content: ≤ 10% (Under EMS condition)


Thermal Conductivity: ≤ 0.30w/ (m·k)


Non-combustibility: GB 8624-2006 Grade A1


Water impermeability: Traces of moisture appeared on the under surface of the sheet, but no formation of drops of water on the underside of the sheet after 24 hours.


Freeze-thaw: Not have cracking and layering after freeze-thaw cycles 25 times.


Excellent Characteristics: High Bending Strength, In-combustibility, Sound Insulation, Waterproof, Moisture-proof, Thermal Insulation, Shock Resistance, Durability, Long service life, etc.


Average Bearing Loading (Reference):


2000kg/m2 (distance between 12# Angle Bar is 610*610mm);

1200kg/m2 (distance between 12# Angle Bar is 610*1200mm).

Point Limited Bearing Loading (Reference):900 kg/cm2 (25mm Board)

Impact Properties: With a 10KG Steel Ball or 30KG Sand Bag, dropping from 0.5meter to the panel surface, no cracking found on the panel's backside.

Products Warranty: More than 20 years.



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