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Product Name: Chaibeck Ceiling (100% Non-Asbestos)
Product Introduction


Using Fiber Reinforced Calcium Silicate board as its base board with different surface treatments like embossment, perforation etc, Chaibeck Ceiling Board is ideally suitable for all kinds of interior ceiling especially where convenient and quick installation, sound insulation and hygiene is of high significance.


The designs and colors of Chaibeck Ceiling Board are various such as glazed, embossed and perforated with the properties of anti-static, dust-free and sound insulation which can satisfy a diversity of aesthetical and technical requirements for different clients.


-100% Non-Asbestos


-Various designs and colors


-Fire Proof


-Thermal insulation


-Up to Grade A1 In-combustibility


-Light Weight


-Lighten the Bear Loading


-Easy Installation


-Sound Insulation




-Anti-fungus, insect…


-Durable, Long Lifespan


Interior Ceiling

Technical Data

Standard Specification:

Standard specification: 600*600mm, 600*1200mm (surface coating/PVC surface/perforated panels)

                                1220*2440mm (perforatedpanels only)

Thickness: 5~10mm


Tolerance: Length/Width: ±/3mm; Thickness: ±/0.3mm;


Edge Squareness: ≤4mm/m; Diagonal difference: ≤4mm


Appearance: Square Edge/Laminated Edge


Series of Printed, Glazed (Similar to porcelain), Embossed, Perforated, Visionary...


Density: 1100~1300kg/m3


Bending Strength:  Parallel: 6MPa;   Cross: 11MPa 


Moisture Movement: ≤ 0.25%


Moisture Content: ≤ 10% (Under EMS condition)


Non-combustibility: GB 8624-2006 Grade A1


Excellent Characteristics: Ultra-light weight, High Bending Strength, Good at fireproof, Good at Moisture proof, Not Deforming, Reducing the bear loading of building, Easy Installation.


Products Warranty: More than 20 years.



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