Welcome to Olar’s website.

 This policy covers how Olar treats personal information that Olar collects and receives, including information related to your past use of Olar’s products and services.

 The following words will tell you how Olar’s website (www.olar.cc) collects and uses your personal information.

 Olar may update this policy. We will notify you about significant changes in the way we treat personal information by placing a prominent notice on our site.

 If you have questions, suggestions, or require making a complaint, please e-mail to olar@olar.cc directly.

 You have already agreed Olar uses your personal information with the guide of this privacy policy when you agree with Olar’s service agreement.

 This privacy policy is a part of the agreement.


   Special Attention of Juveniles


  You have no right to use Olar’s service if you are under 18 and we hope you not to provide any personal information to us.

  You can use Olar’s service with parents and guardians escort.


  Username and Password

    When you register, it is advised to apply an account on our website which password hint and the answer are necessary in case that you lose your password. You can only log in your account with your password.

    We make every effort to ensure the security of personal information we hold. But if you lost your password, you may lose your identification information which may bring you some unfavorable problem. If that was the case, you should contact us via olar@olar.cc immediately.

  Registration Information

    When you register, you need to fill a form including the information of your name, address, nationality, phone number and e-mail address.

    If you are one of Olar’s clients, the information of your company like the address, timezone, phone number, brief introduction of your service and your position are also necessary. All of these will be applied to categorize our clients and provide specific service to different clients. If our service is updated we will inform you via E-mail.


    Your Trading Activity

     The purpose for tracking the IP address is for security only and we will delete it if no security problem was found. Also, we will collect the data of page view so that we can draw up the plan for future development. (for example: adding servers)


     We will make some comprehensive analysis of the individually identifiable data which will be disclosed to the advertiser for the purpose of selling and rewarding.

     Email/SMS/catalogue service

     Olar have right to send e-mail,SMS or catalogue to Olar’s website user and client. It’s tacitly approved when you register or trade in Olar.

     You can contact Olar’s customer service if you are not willing to receive it.

Olar reserves the right to inform the client of the information about the order and promotions via e-mail, SMS or catalogue. When you register or purchase from Olar, you have already acquiesced to this kind of service. If this kind of service would be a bother to you, you can unsubscribe it by providing your E-MAIL address, cell phone number and something related. As soon as Olar receive your application for unsubscribe, we will arrange it for you.

    Third Party

     We won’t provide, sell, rent out, share or trade user personal information to any third party unless it has cooperation with Olar, and it’s forbidden to this information when the cooperation is end.

     We will send out you information properly when the law or government need.

   We can assure you that your personal information will not be disclosed to a third party unless the third party has cooperation with Olar in providing the service on the website. Once the service is over, all the information would be denied access.

     The disclosure of your information will also happen when it is compulsory by law or government.

     Information Storage and Exchange

  The information of user will be collected and stored at China Server. We will send it to other servers for backup if necessary.

     External Links

     There are links to other websites. Olar has no responsibility for privacy policy of other website.

      The links may include the websites of business partners and some companies who share the same brand strategy. Only General information would be provided and disclosure of your identification will not be allowed.


     In order to make sure the information we have would not be lost or misused, we have corresponding security arrangement including the backup and encryption. Though the security arrangements are applied on our website, 100% safety cannot be guaranteed for there is no perfect security on Internet.

     Modify Your Information

  You can log in Olar’s website to modify or update your personal information and your password as you like after successful login.

     Contact Us

    If you have a concern or complaint in relation to our handling of your personal information, please contact us via e-mail to olar@olar.cc


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